what is it about dogs

What is it about dogs that they wait patiently for their morning walk while you snore, even though they haven’t been out for the last 12 hours or more

What is it about a dog that makes them guard you against any strange noise in the night, yet come Diwali they cower under the bed in fright

What is it about a dog that is born to be a meat-eater, yet chases fallen peas from their pods like an ant-eater

What is it about dogs that they know every variation of your stealth version of LETS GO FOR A WALK: W-A-L-K, crazy sign movement silently putting on sneakers purposefully getting up from a chair, yet they are always 2 steps ahead of you, racing and bounding to the door

What is it about dogs that you wait for them to get back from their walks, because you know they are going to come bounding to your bed, stick their pudgy noses in to your mouth and be like Hey Boy, just checking for some life in there, you are missing out on some great sunshine there dude

What is it about your ageing, and blind dog who just sleeps all day, long and good, yet sharp at 8 am, 1 pm, and 6 pm, trots to the kitchen because it’s time for food

What is it about dogs that the bigger in size they are, the dopier their actions and eyes are

What is it about some dogs who see an open door and run out to explore,

And those who see the same door yet stay close to home, because that’s where they will always find mom

What is it about your dogs that however bad, or foul-smelling your last baking experiment might have been, you shall always find them salivating next to the ugly cake with the smatter of jelly beans

What is it about your dogs that when it comes to chasing rats in the house the tiny one is a pro, and the bigger one, well there he goes, the scaredy-cat running out of the door

What does it say about dogs sitting on the doorstep, that of the 15 cars that drive past the speed bump, the 6th one which is yours makes their playful tails wag and thump

What does it say about your silly dog that when she shows all her teeth and makes a low humming noise people exclaim in fright, And you have to calm them down saying trust me, I know her well, that’s how she grins and shows her delight (true story!!)

What is it about this lovely animal that when it comes into your life, they fill a hole that you never knew there was, and when they go, they leave a vacuum that never goes back to the way it was.


Dedicated to all those lovely dogs out there!! And a special one to the cuties I have had over these years….

Pixie, the gentle Dachshund (1990-1993)

Fido, the pup Doberman (1994-1994)

Pixie, the gorgeous Doberman with the heart of a Labrador ( 1994 – 2002)

Fido, the doberman

scaredy-cat Fido (2002-2011)
scaredy-cat Fido

Caesar, the dachshund

indomitable Caesar  (2002-2014)
indomitable Caesar

Mufasa, the Dane

goofy Mufasa (current lovebug)
goofy Mufasa (current lovebug)

4 thoughts on “what is it about dogs”

  1. AND…wait patiently…hahaha…..for ones like Mufasa..
    What is it about Mufasa that survival instinct doesn’t kick in, in the wee hours when Akshita and Shruti are sleeping…
    he dares to yelp, bark,jump, and spin around the room, like yo! i am here, the king!


  2. What is it about a dog, the cuties they are at home…have fun in making scary faces, when Akshita comes around to roam? :D barring Mischief, Watson, and Mufasa (the baby Mufasa i know)


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