Blueberry Crumble Cake

As any self-respecting food blogger will tell you, and even if I am a newbie I can tell you, that you just have to subscribe to tons of amazing food blogs out there. It’s all for the glorious love of food, for gazing lovingly at those yummy food photos, for sharing recipes, for finding more food-obsessed people out there and realising you are far from being alone in this gluttonous world, for that slightly envious twinge when you see a brilliant food shot and wonder how they pulled it off, for that aha moment when you realise that all the ingredients for this particular recipe are in your kitchen right now.

The last is what I had been experiencing quite a few weeks going now. Must be all those random grocery trips. I made this one-pot pasta wonder thanks to Joy the baker (

Joy Baker

Then this home-made satay sauce for a quick weeknight noodle dinner courtesy Averie from



So when this blueberry crumble cake recipe, from the Smitten Kitchen, popped up in my email feed, and I quickly ticked off all the ingredients on the list as being PRESENT in my kitchen, I was so SO happy. I love the smittenkitchen blog. Deb Perelman, author/creator/owner of the, has this super gorgeous food blog, with such decadent food photography. Yet her recipes are ones which you and I can create, with no added stress,  using basic and fuss-free ingredients from our kitchen.

Sample this blueberry cakey beauty.

Blueberry Bliss
Blueberry Crumb Cake baked by me

You would think a cake with the words crumb, and blueberry, taken from an award-winning food-blog means 30 ingredients, 10 hours prep-time, 20 steps, yada yada yada. But nahhh. No triple-milled flour, or thrice-processed granulated sugar, or .. you get the drift. Her recipe calls for basic baking ingredients (flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla essence) which I can vouch for being present in every bakers kitchen. And the method to make the cake itself, as simple as fudge.  Trust me.

In her own words:

What I’m wary of is: Excessively fussy foods and/or pretentious ingredients. I don’t do truffle oil, Himalayan pink salt at $10 per quarter-ounce or single-origin chocolate that can only be found through Posh Nosh-approved purveyors. I think food should be accessible, and am certain that you don’t need any of these things to cook fantastically.

I followed her instructions bit by bit…..

The Crumbly Layer
The Crumbly Layer

The basics are simple. Leave all your ingredients out to get them to room temeprature. Make the crumb layer first. Set aside. Make the batter. Pour batter into tin. Top with crumb layer. Bake. Serve. Store.

(I can’t take any credit for the recipe this time around. All steps and ingredients were as listed by Deb in her recipe; so I shall be sharing the link for the same throughout the blog; and just showing off pictures of my attempt at baking it :) )

You follow her instructions to the T and get this
You follow her instructions to the T and get this

God! The husband and I gorged on this blueberry brilliance for days. It got over a few days ago and I miss it so bad already. :(

Give me more
Give me more

For those of you reading this and are raring to replicate this in your kitchen, here’s the recipe and blog post from Smitten Kitchen:

If you do make it, do let me know if it worked out as well for you as it did for me. Meanwhile, I have my eyes set on this yummazing Strawberries and Graham cracker crumb with cream recipe Deb shared on her blog a few days back. nom nom nom

4 thoughts on “Blueberry Crumble Cake”

  1. I did try making pastry once.. but unfortunately didn’t turn out as I would have liked it. You get excellent puff pastry in the market. Even Gordon Ramsey suggests buying it rather than making it.. apparently its too tricky a process…
    Hmm.. now thinking I should try making quiche this weekend..


  2. omg… you are so right! I have still not tried the pies and puff pastries.. coz crumble solves all of those problems! OOf, now I want apple crumble with icecream…


  3. Ufff!!! Sitting in office and my salivary glands are on overdrive.

    Crumbles are the BESTEST!! Apple crumble when you want the decadence of an apple pie without the fuss of the pastry. I had made it once when I had family over and the best part about it is when I realized that its the best for the i-don’t-eat-eggs-garlic-onion-blah-blah-blah junta. Just a few apples sauteed with sugar and cinnamon and the crumble on top. 15 mins in the oven, served hot with cold vanilla ice cream…. silences all the aunties who think you can’t make anything exotic (haha! what a cheat I am) that they will like.


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