Groove Train

Food-Tastic Find: Spaghetti Alla Groove
Serving Size: 3 hungry souls/2 hungry hippos
Price: $19
Taste: 5 – hit out of the ball-park food-tastic for me
Spaghetti Alla groove

 For the love of the perfect pasta dish, I could eat as many carbs at dinner time as my body could take. And then some more.

In most of the mainstream cafes which serve global food offerings, I am mostly

~ disappointed by red sauce dishes (less garlicky, less salt, less flavour, mostly tomato-ey)

~ over-stuffed by the super heavy white sauces that make me think am consuming a bowl of cream or cheese for dinner

~ reminded of Maggi noodles with the only oil and garlic pasta dishes.

But at the Groove Train this week, I had a completely scrumptious and taste bud-delicious pasta dish which is going to make me keep going back for more.

I ordered the Spaghetti Alla Groove which is described as spaghetti served with a creamy pesto sauce served with chicken, avocado, spring onions, and shavings of parmesan cheese. And seriously, what is it with the food portions in some of these places. The dish came in this mammoth sized bowl, big enough to serve 3 semi-hungry people, and 2 SUPER-hungry people. Man, there goes my calorie count for the day, I am thinking. One bite of the pasta and I just shut down the calorie counter. All systems down.

It was this lightly cheesy yet smokey flavoured sauce. I just couldn’t get over the smokiness. Plus that subtle hint of the pesto, coupled with chunky bites of avocado and chicken. Slurrrrrrrrp. I really wanted to know how the chef had cooked this dish but didn’t bother asking. Maybe on my next trip.  Right now, I was totally shoving the dish down, it was so tasty.

Have any of you tried this dish before? If you have you know what I am talking about. Isn’t it just yumm-azing?! Let’s meet up for a spaghetti alla groove hogathon night at Groove train one of these days.

Till then, happy dreams of food y’all.

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