A Suitable Boy

Even though I am vehemently against the “Suitable Boy” in this book (all my romantic ideals down the drain…. bah!), the book was an immensely pleasurable read. Following is a list of my favourite quotes from the novella:

‘So, Dipankar,’ said Dr Ila Chattopadhyay, ‘have you changed your subject yet?’
‘ I can’t, Ila Kaki,’ said Dipankar.
‘Why not? The sooner you make the move the better. There isn’t a single decent human being I know who is an economist. Why can’t you change?’
‘Because I have already graduated.’

“Ah, Malvolio’s revenge-‘ said Mr Barua, coming up to them, ‘why have you made Olivia cry?’ he asked Kabir
‘I haven’t made her cry,’ said Kabir. ‘no one has an obligation to cry, any crying of hers is purely voluntary.’ SIGHhhhh This one is an absolute favourite…

‘what’s your name?’ asked Lata. The young man’s face broke into a happy grin. ‘ah! I thought you would never ask. I’m Kabir, but very recently my friends have started calling me Galahad.’
‘because they think that I spend my time rescuing damsels in distress.’

‘ being in love is good for you. You must do it more often.’
‘yes, I will,’ said Lata. ‘when you become a doctor, prescribe it to all your patients. ‘

“They agreed with each other violently and disagreed with each other pleasurably.”

“Meenakshi dropped in first with a question about whether it was possible to love more than one person—’utterly, desperately, and truly.”

At 1349 pages, and 591,552 words long, the quotes above are but a drop in the ocean that is Vikram Seth’s A SUITABLE BOY. But so many years since I read it, it’s these that always come to my mind when I remember the book. That and the flounce of chiffon… :)

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