Moving In and How

We found a new apartment. Yay!

It’s so bright and airy. Yay!

It’s got a biiig bathroom and a suuper long corridor, with a roomy kitchen.. Yay!

We are moving from a furnished apartment to an unfurnished apartment and will now be able to decorate our house the way we want to.. Yay!

I can have big cushions as my personal sofa, books on the window sill, lamps and pretty lights all over the house, and our photo collages in the corridor. Yay!

We have a limited budget. Oops.. 

Plus living in Oz-land you are your own help, designer, mover, driver, all in one… Oops

But we have a crazy imagination, and Ikea and Gumtree to help us.. plus my Mister is the bestest ever (packer, mover, fellow-designer, listener to my decorating ideas)… Yay Yay!

Can’t wait to get this started :)


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