Pole dancers and Robo cops

I joined a gym. In fact, Arjun Singh and I both joined a gym together. Kind of a first for him, and a first for us together. I am not one of those gym freaks, not even close. But with the right company, and the right incentive I can be a gym regular. Right company:him; right incentive: eat whatever I want to without guilting myself into denial.

For him, it was a first since he has never joined a gym. He is more of a run in the park, play football kind of a guy but I needed company and he was IT. He always is :)

So onward to the gym, ahoy matey!

The only class I am truly super excited about are the Zumba classes. All that dancing, the grooving, the funky songs, the Latino beats and moves… Aaooooo….

But tell me what is it about sexy dance moves in the confines of closed doors, or maybe it is the guise of exercise that brings out the inner pole dancer in all women, and makes us all feel like Dita Von Teese but the men, my oh my.. It’s like they are auditioning for Robocop 2015….

It’s kind of cute actually. Watching them try and do the shimmy, the Cha-Cha.. But the funniest are those who actually stop dancing right at that instant. They will do the full dance routine and right before the shimmy.. Full stop.. And then carry on with the rest of the routine.  Dance, pause, dance, pause, dance…

To these men, I think you are awesome for coming to Zumba sessions. Kudos. But go on; do that shimmy, jiggle that hip, no one is going to make fun. Do you not see me dancing uncoordinatedly to the hip hop routine, trying to be super cool. But failing or just flailing. Ha ha!

5 thoughts on “Pole dancers and Robo cops”

  1. Teeeheeeheee… Reminds me of when I used to go for Zumba. There was this one bunch of uncles (I’m sorry they might not have been but they sure looked like them – slightly older, used to come with plastic bag as their gym bags.. yes, I know I’m being extremely judgmental here.. but that’s what it was.) So there were three four of these guys who used to be the ‘first benchers’ and the ‘teachers pet’. Always up front and dancing away to glory. What I found the funniest was that after every song they would turn around and give each other a hi-five! ‘Yea man! Good one!’ *Hi-five* Every single time.. hahaha!!!
    However, I have to give it to them.. while they were hi-fiving each other, they were keeping up with every move of every routine while I was waaaay at the back trying desperately to keep up! *hi-five boys*


  2. hey nice stuff…… i have read all the blogs uploaded so far… !..so please please continue writing …. :)


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