Markets of Melbourne: Night Noodle Market

Hello Hello, and welcome again to my monthly feature on the Markets of Melbourne

Last month, I took you sauntering around Prahran Market, which is mostly a fresh produce market.

This month, I am rewinding the clock back a little and taking you along to this wonderful market that I visited last year, when the days were long and the residents of Melbourne didn’t lock themselves indoors post 6 PM. A fairly new market on the Melbourne scene, launched in 2013, this is an annual event market called the

Night Noodle Market

When I first heard about it, I honestly thought that there are going to be gazillions of noodle vendors on display, and it is going to be ramen heaven. However, this market is basically a giant picnic venue for the entire city to enjoy in. When I visited, in November 2014, it was set on the banks of the Yarra river and the bright summer days were just the perfect setting.


I am so looking forward to the 2015 edition, but it’s a long wait. Until then, you can relive the experience via my post. And hopefully, line up a Night Noodle Market must-do list

Things I Discovered at the Night Noodle Market

1. Mr Miyagi’s karate-chopped Fried Chicken

Haha, just kidding. Mr Miyagi has not abandoned the Karate Kid to find his life’s calling in fried chicken. A popular Japanese food restaurant in Prahran, Mr Miyagi’s specialty is supposed to be their succulent fried chicken. Finally got to try it at the market, and boy was it juicy and just the right amount of spicy. Plus you get a free life lesson with your purchase. Hai-Yaa!




2. Ramen Burger

Ramen noodles can be used for making an almost cold-sticky-Maggi-like burger bun. Innovative, hell yes. Easily eat-able, hell no. Just eat it as 3 separate pieces in a dish; bun, burger, bun


3. Not just Noodles

There were like 3 noodle stalls and tons of eateries from all across Melbourne CBD. And not just oriental, but Indian, Sri Lankan, Australian etc. So if you aren’t a noodle fan (sacrilege!), fret not, there are tons of other options


4.  Melbourne-ians love their food

.. and long summer days. Check out the crowds. If you ever wondered where are all the people in Australia, I found them for you. They are all at the Night Noodle Market. (or any such market, haha)


5. Some of us come to these markets to eat, drink, and be merry. While some of us just want to get a good tan





Thanks a ton for reading. Hope you enjoyed this virtual tour. Now I am off to find the next market to explore for you guys. And myself, of course.

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