Trippin’ In Nimbin

Earlier this year I went on a road trip with my super awesome best friends (so many stories to share!). Truly the road trip of a lifetime, it had everything. Insomniac nights, sleep-in mornings, crazy laughter, ridiculous fights, some tears, epic car games, board games, silly road-trip rules, brilliant sunsets (we could never stay awake for sunrises), music, dance, fights to go last for a shower, and a gazillion bottles of wine/beer/vodka left in our trails. We even managed to view the famous Sydney fireworks at midnight, New Years 2015. What a crazy, crazy trip. Miss you guys.

Nimbin us

But those are stories for another day.

Our plan was to drive from Melbourne to Gold Coast, and take out time to visit Sydney, Canberra, and Byron Bay on the way. But the town that was not on our original intended itinerary was the town that we will most likely never forget. Actually, more than not forgetting, I doubt we will ever visit a place like that again.

Rastafari is not a culture, it’s a reality ~ Bob Marley

And what a reality it is in the town of Nimbin, in New South Wales, Australia.

Image taken from
Image taken from
The Land of Hemp: Nimbin
The Land of Hemp: Nimbin

True to its national flower/mascot/symbol (whatever you want to call it), Nimbin is a town meant for the hippie in you insert Hare Krishna Hare Ram-RD Burman- music. If you are as un-hippie as they come, I have no doubts Nimbin will break the shackles and free the flower-child in you.

Photo Credits: Gursimran Singh

I don’t even know what justice I can do, in words, to a town that just left me grinning seeing all the colors and the happy people. Not to forget the sleepy ones.

Nimbin 3


Hahahaha….No guesses why he could barely keep his eyes open and head up.

I invite you to  visit the trippiest town ever, with moi; Scroll down for some pictures which should pretty much give you an idea of what to expect when you visit Nimbin

Photo Credits: Gursimran Singh


Photo Credits: Gursimran Singh
Photo Credits: Gursimran Singh
Photo Credits: Gursimran Singh
Photo Credits: Gursimran Singh


The trippy Rastafarian themes are all over town. In the streets, the cafes, the souvenirs (hint hint). They didn’t even spare the flower pots.



Iced Hemp Latte anyone?
Iced Hemp Latte anyone?

We were 4 days into our road trip, 5 of us crammed into our car, and had turned into half-hobos ourselves. SO it felt like we fit right in.




Has any one of you visited Nimbin? Or any other town like it?  I would love to know if you have. Do share your stories with me.

Some of the pictures in this blog post have been clicked (and then hijacked by me) by my super awesome friend Gursimran Singh, who is a brilliant photographer. You should definitely check out his work here and here.

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