What I Want To See In New Zealand

I have a blogger pal who calls herself a planning Ninja. Upasna are you reading this?  I like the sound of that. You know what I am. A lazy plan-da. Got it?

haha. No? Okay, fa-ine. Moving on.

I love holidays..who doesn’t. It’s time away from work, visiting new places, creating bucketful of memories, gorging on vacation friendly food (but so not calorie burning friendly) and having an excuse to eat a muffin a day, staying up late at nights; I love it all.

I love the idea of a holiday. What I am not a big fan of is the holiday planning that comes as a to-do along with it. I keep pushing it till the last minute, and then one week before everything is about to begin, it’s time to book stay, tours, plan the daily stuff. The problem is that I don’t lean towards either extreme end. Neither I am a completely spontaneous soul, nor do I plan my whole life to a T. Us middling types get to experience everything. We enjoy the excitement that the onset of a holiday means. And we also bite our nails off at the stress of missing out on the good deals, and seeing the Last Remaining Room being booked out 5 minutes ago. Eeps!

I’m the type who reads and reads about what to do but does everything in the final few days! 

Plus, Arjun Singh and I take the longest time in making decisions. Would have thought we are two Libras married to each other, and not practical Virgos. I think we are improving with time, plus getting used to our indecisive ways. However, we are still a long way off from Planning Perfection 101.

Anyhow, keeping all the above in mind, we started planning our upcoming New Zealand itinerary a full 2 weeks before the actual start date. woo-hoo, 2 is so much better than 1

And now the travel weekend is almost here and am so excited. And since I have to pack my bags, get a decent nights sleep, wake up early all in the course of the next 12 hours this is going to be a short post. Hopefully. 

What I want to see in New Zealand in my next 8 days there:

I want to see everything. 


Okay then will settle for everything in South Island in NZ. 


Hmmm. Okay how about:

  1. Milford sound
  2. Queenstown
  3. Seal pups!! This is actually no.1 on my list
  4. The Fergburger: more like EAT
  5. Mount Cook
  6. Lake Wanaka
  7. Glacier walk
  8. Clear, blue skies
  9. Breathtaking scenery
  10. Some New Zealand-ish food
  11. The kiwis? The bird AND the people…

Let me see how many I tick off. 

E noho ra!!

I am linking this post to the #SundayTraveler link up party that is hosted by some super fun travel bloggers. You can link up here and have some fun too : Chasing The Donkey.


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