3Girls and a #BlogAlong + My Travel Must-Packs

Hello Hello,

Welcome back to the monthly blog-party 3 Girls and a #BlogAlong. Last month, we threw our first party of the year, and couldn’t wait to get this months party started. And even though the plan was to get it rolling on the first Sunday as is planned for all of the #BlogAlong posts, it got delayed. But better late than never, this month we are talking about Travel Must-Packs,  the items that you need to, you have to, you must pack along with you when you take a trip.

All 3 of us love travel, and we love the excitement and happiness a holiday brings along with it. In fact, most of us are like that, aren’t we. It would be terribly boring if one didn’t get excited about a vacation, a holiday, the travel. Some of us plan months in advance, while some of us (read ME) do it a week or 2 before the holiday. Remember my plan to visit New Zealand? Some of us love the luxury while some of us are a tribe of backpackers. Some like it hot, some do not.

But the one thing that remains common for the travelling brethren is their list of things that they MUST-CARRY-OR-THE-VACATION-IS-INCOMPLETE, or simply put things that one always packs, the comfort list.

So we decided to share our lists with you all. And are hoping that you all join this party to share your travel must-haves, because it’s so much fun knowing that there are tons of us out there who prefer 10 books to 2 pairs of shoes in their bags (I actually pack them both, eeps), have 3 types of lip balms floating around in their handbag, or who have 5 different types of hand sanitisers lying around the house, coz they buy one for each vacation, and then forget about the old one lying around the house. Guilty!

So here’s my list of  Travel Must-Packs:



  1. Diary: As a kid, I used to write a diary. I would totally start entries with Dear Diary because I had read Betty Cooper do the same in Archies comics; and also because I had no clue how to start it off. Haha. The daily habit has now worn off, but what I always do is carry a diary around with me on my trips. Sometimes I am super religious about writing about my entire trip, at times, I manage a day or two. But nevertheless, the diary goes wherever I go.
  2. Pen: Don’t we all love stationery. I know women totally do. And wherever my diary goes, a pen is always around. Comes in very handy for diary-filling moments, making notes, and most importantly, filling in forms and stuff at airports. Heehee!blogalong_june2
  3. Reading material: ALWAYS! I am one of those freaks who carries her e-reader AND novels both.blogalong_june6
  4. Lip balm: What a necessity this one is. And am sure you all are nodding your heads.
  5. Hand cream: Same family as the lip balm. I get restless if my hands get too dry. MUST PACK!
  6. Hand sanitiser: I hate using public bathrooms. And carrying over my obsession with well-moisturized hands, sometimes I skip washing hands. Don’t judge me. Sometimes it’s too cold people. And sometimes I am too lazy :p That’s where our friendly, helpful hand sanitiser comes in handy.blogalong_june4
  7. Scarf: What else can I write about the utility about a scarf to a travelling woman, that hasn’t been written already. A face mask, shawl, head-cover, sarong, stole, a fan; Scarf-(wo)man to the rescue!
  8. Mint: Spearmint, peppermint, doublemint, I got it all. I even found this yummazing mint choc-chip icecream flavoured mint. Woohoo!
  9. Big bag of lipsticks: Lipsticks are my favorite make up item. And my lipstick collection travels with me. All of it. Si Senor. I ain’t your friendly light-weight packer, you must have guessed it by nowblogalong_june5
  10. Hairband(s): This is my accessory of choice when I want to brighten up my look. And my menage-a-hairbandois is my must-pack accessoryblogalong_june3

There you have it. My travel pack for you. As you can see, it’s predictable, feminine, and colorful (I hope). Now I want to know what’s in yours. Call me a curious cat.

So temme, what are your Travel Must-Packs?

This post is a part of the 3 Girls and a #BlogAlong monthly link-up party, co-hosted by Upasna from Life On My Plate, Pooja from A Bit Of This And A Lot Of That and yours truly, Moi :). This month’s theme is Travel Must Packs and it’s time to open up your bags! 


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6 thoughts on “3Girls and a #BlogAlong + My Travel Must-Packs”

  1. Yeah. Am a nut. It’s all or nothing. Heehee. But girlie, u r like a professional traveler and me, well a sometimes tourister!
    Thanks for joining the blog party.
    PS: your blog is wonderful :)


  2. Thanks for sharing your list! I’m a light weight traveler now so good bye to feminine things (hair conditioner, make up, perfum, nice shoes…) but I do carry an ebook reader, a tiny notebook and pens, a scarf, and cream if my skin is crying for it. And my must must have: smartphone to check google maps!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I want to try the mint Chico chip icecream flavoured mint..haha!! I forgot to add mint to my list.. And I live being on the vanity choose choo train..hehehe :)


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