Eat Your Way Through Australia: Seven Snacks From The Land Down Under

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‘Straya, the land of the Kangaroo and the Jackaroo. Even though you can’t hear me, I am saying this in my best Aussie accent.

The land down under has been a delight, unexpectedly so. The people, the sights, the sounds, even the weather (4 seasons and all in a day people, it’s true!). And what has also been a delight is discovering Aussie food.

To be honest, I have reined in a big part of my inner Foo-Dora the Explorer, simply because being a newlywed couple, there is that excitement in cooking meals at home, recreating each others favourites, trying out local produce, being lazy and eating BBT (Bread butter toast) in our PJs. But to be in a cultural food haven like Melbourne, and not explore what this place has to offer, would be a sacrilege, and I would not let that be. Food and me, well, we complete each other.. sigh

Melbourne in particular is such a gastronomic paradise. The Italian food in Lygon Street, souvlakis in Oakleigh, drinks at Southbank, Oriental food in Chinatown, hot chocolate and desserts at Brunetti, Parmas and Schnitzels, cold beers, Lord of the Fries, yum yum yum yum, my eyes are lighting up as I am writing this all down. Are we in culinary dreamy heaven yet? I know I am. Every time I head out to eat, I discover something new. Remember this yummazing roti stack at Buddhas Belly? And when I discovered the tantalising aromas of the Vietnamese Pho?

The foodie that I am, my excitement is not limited to scrumptious meals only. I get super excited about snack shopping too. Arjun Singh has as to drag me out of the supermarket aisles, but to be fair, he gets lost in the Doritos and chippie aisles too. Hehe. It’s all about trying out new things, and when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or in this case, snackie like an Aussie.

So let’s talk about snacks, baby. Let’s talk about you and me… let’s talk about snacks. I want to share a list of snacks from the land down under which scream Oz Oz Oz oi oi oi to me.

Here’s my list of absolute MUST-TRY AUSTRALIAN SNACKS

BeFunky Collage


1. Vegemite:

Is there any other controversial Aussie snack that doesn’t deserve the number 1 spot? You either hate it or love it. Most Australians swear by it and its vitamin endorsed goodness, and I am of the rare breed of non-Aussies who actually enjoys Vegemite too. Its salty yes, but I like it simply because I have it the way it is supposed to be eaten. A smidgeon of Vegemite on a crisp toast with butter, not a spoonful dunked into your mouth.

Vegemite Instructions
Vegemite Instructions

The story behind it goes that it was made by the workers at the Carlton brewhouse, by mixing together barley and yeast leftovers with celery, onions and garlic to come up with a soupy stocky paste, or what they called Beer Soup. How can you possibly not like it after knowing that story? Anything with beer in it can’t be all that bad now, can it.

2. Dim Sims:

What the chicken momo is to India, the chicken Dim Sim is to Melbourne, methinks. A generously stuffed chicken dumpling deep-fried to crispness, it’s an incredible evening snack; Fried enough to silence the hunger demons battling in your stomach, and meaty enough to reduce your deep-fried induced guilt.

Chicken Dim-Sim Image Courtesy: Google
Chicken Dim-Sim
Image Courtesy: Google

If you want to know more about it, read this post by Mabel who digs deep into the ancestry of the chicken dim-sims.The things we food bloggers dish out for our readers :)

3. Tim Tams:

A chocolate biscuit sandwiched with chocolate cream and dunked in chocolate icing. Chocolatey enough for you yet? Arjun Singhs favourite Oz snack, the classic Tim Tams are always in our house. It comes in multiple flavours like dark chocolate, white choc, choc raspberry, caramel, they are all unbelievably good.Except for peanut butter. that was Not Good. At all.  Broke my heart. I had to console myself with 2 classics after that.

Image Courtesy: Google

While writing this post out, I came across something known as the Tim Tam Slam, where you dunk the Tim Tam into a hot drink, and slurp up the gooey chocolatey goodness. Even though I do that with Parle G biscuits and milk, somehow I have a feeling this is going to be legendary mate. CANNOT WAIT.

tim tam slam
Image Courtesy: Arnotts

4. Raisin Toast:

One of my go-to evening snacks or mid morning snacks, a slice of raisin toast with peanut buter. Aah, so satisfyingly and cinnamon-ly delicious. And even though I am pretty sure this is available all over the world, for some reason I never found it in the UK. I actually used to have something similar to this in India, but that was a sweet bun sold by Harvest Gold.

Image Courtesy: Flickr
Image Courtesy: Flickr

5. Macadamia Nuts:

Australia is nuts about this nut. Understandably so, as they are the biggest growers of the same. The taste is quite similar to a woody almond but the shape is very much like a hazelnut. When we had done a road trip through New South Wales and Queensland, we had stayed at a cottage owned by this family of Macadamia nut farmers, with their plantations behind our homestay. Rows and rows of macadamia nut trees, and hundreds of nuts on the ground, ripe for our picking. However we took a few, mostly as souvenirs to take back home. What is available in a supermarket at a premium price, we were so close to it however we weren’t too greedy about. No dramas. There’s always a next time.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

6. Lamingtons:

The Lamington roll is actually an Australian creation. Blew my mind. You know why? Because I used to hog on lamingtons from Marzorin bakery in Pune all the time. Then I came here, saw them in all the local coffee shops and thought wow, everybody loves Lamingtons. Yay India. Haha. And then I discovered that its actually Lord Lamingtons creation in Australia. Apparently his maid dropped a sponge cake into icing chocolate, and instead of repreiving her he told her to coat it in shredded coconut to avoid messy fingers and serve the same to their guests. It was a certified HIT. And look how far it has traveled.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

7. ANZAC Biscuits:

The original ANZAC biscuit, supplied to the ANZAC soldiers during the old wars, was a hard tack biscuit that had a long shelf life. The biscuit in its current, commercial form is a mildly chewy oat cookie that is quite popular served at tea-times.

ANZAC Biscuit: THEN Image Source: Australian War Memorial
Image Source: Australian War Memorial
ANZAC Biscuit: NOW Image Source: Google
ANZAC Biscuit: NOW
Image Source: Google


So that’s my compilation of some seriously Oz snacks for your reading and food-dreaming pleasure. Which ones are you craving for, apart from the Tim Tams? Did I get your favourite Aussie snack in here? Tell me what I missed or what you really love too. And then let’s have a snack party soon enough.

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17 thoughts on “Eat Your Way Through Australia: Seven Snacks From The Land Down Under”

  1. Hi Ruth,
    I hope you get to try them soon enough. What else have you managed to try till date? Australian food is a mix of everything from the world over, but the Vegemite is in it’s own league. :)


  2. Hi Sally,
    LOTF.. slurp slurp slurp. It deserves a whole blog post about it, and Imma definitely doing that! And now after you and Paula, I have GOT to try the poached egg on my vegemite toast..
    Thanks for stopping by the blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Connie,
    Yes please. Australia is a delight, and unassumingly so. Plus you can take back tons of the macadamia nuts! haha, the Vegemite has been the most fun writing about.
    Thank you soo much for heading over to my blog!


  4. Anna, Horror stories sound right. haha. It’s just that Vegemite is extremely salty and has this stewy-salty taste. So that is why the right thing to do is have it in moderation. I like it only because it is nutrient dense. And you know your snack-list for visiting Oz now.. Come soon :)


  5. I’ve heard horror stories about Vegemite! Though I’m still not completely sure what it is or why it’s so disgusting?? I love trying the snacks from other countries. Tim Tams sound so good, especially dipped into a hot drink.. And I’m salivating at the picture of the Lamington roll!


  6. I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, and now I have another reason to want to visit. The snack all look yummy—okay, maybe not the Vegemite. Macadamia nuts are my favorite, but they’re so pricey here in the U.S. I rarely buy them.


  7. Love this post, seriously Vegemite on toast is all I eat for breakfast every day, if I’m feeling extra hungry I’ll add a poached egg like Paula says! And I’m glad you included the picture to demonstrate the correct way to eat it! Lord of the fries in Melbourne is one of the best, glad you included it in your list!


  8. Oooooo! Tim Tam! Viraj got me some when he came back from Aussie land. The first time around it was raspberry and dark chocolate.. raspberry was ok.. dark chocolate – wowwwzaa!!!
    He got the original after his second visit… absolutely loved that one too. Let me know when you’re visiting India next.. you know what to get me dear friend! :D
    The others look super interesting. I will have to try the Lamingtons when I visit Pune next.

    *belly grumble*


  9. Would like to try all of these except the vegemite. That would be too funky for me. I recently discovered an Australian cafe close to my house and have started to try different things. I haven’t tried the lamingtons yet.


  10. Oooh, never tried vegemite with egg and avo but I am most definitely going to! And really? that’s the the only one.. should have known coz the others dont taste as awesome…
    didnt know that.. thankie!
    and thanks for stopping by… :)


  11. I’m not a fan of Vegemite one bit. Never have it on my toast at all :D But I love Tim Tams. So the peanut butter ones aren’t that good – that’s what I keep hearing. So many varieties of Tim Tams have come out over the last year…but still the original is my favourite. Thank you for linking to my post :)

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I’ve heard about Vegemite before and all who tried it say it’s great. Too bad we don’t have it in the USA.


  13. I am so pleased that you liked Vegemite, and yes a smear is wall you need. Put an avo and a poached egg on top and it is heaven. The only real Tim Tam is the original and they are good.


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