Happy Birthday Dearest Ma

Happy Birthdayyyyy Ma……mwah mwah mwahhhhh…What a birthday to have eh.. Celebrating it with the wooky and the spooky..

And in a way you got your li’l monsters in Anuj and me..hehe.. we were quite a handful.. But you see mother dearest, you made our life so good that we took it all for granted. Righteously so. And since we thought you were always going to be around, we though that soon we could smarten up our act and show you how awesome we truly are, how ready to grow up we were, under all that brashness, laziness, and general all-around shmuckness…

But then one day you weren’t there, and since then we have had no choice but to grow up. All of a sudden. You think we did a good job growing up? I wish I knew.

But some times all I want to do is go back to being a kid.. your kid.

The young working girl whose mom would call every weekend, at a decent hour of 11 am, and I would still be snoring away, and to hear you exclaim You’re still sleeping?!’ Yes mom, I was always sleeping when you called. Had I known the future, I would have slept a little less and talked more..

The college going girl for whom you packed bags, no make that bushels of panjeeri, garlic peanuts, and pickles for hostel, and I would wail at the weight of the stuff, and forcefully make you reduce it all. Should have taken it all…

The school girl who spent her teenage years gossiping on the phone with her girl friends.. Should have told you all my secrets and juicy gossip. (well, I did tell you the FIRST time I had a serious crush :) )

The little girl who wore all the clothes you personally designed and stitched for her… Should have kept all those clothes…

The little girl who envied her mother’s lipstick collection, and you let me try them all. And now I have my own collection, but you aren’t around to share it… I know you wouldn’t have liked the shades I wore, so dull you would say, but to see that look on your face, priceless :)


I know life isn’t fair or beautiful all the time. But you made it brilliant for us just by being there. And just by being yourself. There isn’t one like you nor will there ever be.

We love you loads, and wish you are truly happy wherever you may be.


Happy Birthday Ma!








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