The Blog-aversary Special

May in blog-sphere is always a time to celebrate for me. Last year I began a new monthly link-up blog party with my fellow blogger buddies Pooja, and Upasna, and we have now completed a full year woohooo. And if you remember from last years first #BlogAlong post, May was also the month when I completed a year since my first blog post; so a double whammy!

So May 2016 rings in 2 years of blogging solo, and one year of #BlogAlong. So Happy Blog-aversary to me, Happy Blog-aversary to me, Happy Blog-aversary to meeeee!!

This month we thought we would celebrate the year of #BlogAlong that was. We had a ton of fun over the last 12 months; coming up with new themes every month, publicising, frantically completing our posts in order to ensure the link was up and running (I want to portray a picture of calm and peace but all 3 of us have full-time jobs , full time homes, and a part-time blog, so you can imagine). But the best part has been reading up all the lovely posts that have linked up to our party, month on month. And the opportunity to connect with so many lovely bloggers and travel the world with them through their stories.

As part of the Blog-aversary celebrations, we thought we should look back on some of our favourite link ups of the last year as a big THANK YOU for taking the time out and blogging with us. It’s the support of this community that keeps us going, month on month, and hopefully year on year! And the party we started back in 2015 shall carry on and on and on.. and on!

  1. Grandma’s kitchen Taste of Childhood: Oh Anna, what a wonderful post this was. Sitting so far away, all I wanted at that point of time was to be transported to your grandmoms kitchen and relish those dumplings. I am not Chinese BUT I am with you; I could eat dumplings every day for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for sharing your childhood memories with us
  2. Atlanta On Foot: My dear friend Karishma is currently in the US and is sharing all her travel stories and adventures (lots of them) with us all through her fun travel blog. (Psst, cannot wait to read your Mexico tales). All that Coke in Atlanta has assured me that it will be pretty much the first place Arjun Singh will want to set foot in when we ever take our first American vacation together, whenever that is.
  3. Barcelona I’m Not That Into You: Lovely Lyn has been part of the #BlogAlong fun month on month, and I eagerly wait to read which part of the globe is she taking us to next. This post was a refreshing look at the little things that can turn visitors off, even in a super exciting city as Barcelona
  4. Chilean Food: I had no idea what Chilean food is but reading Laia’s post got me drooling over empanadas and alfajores.. slurp slurp. I want them NOW!
  5. A Tour of the Yosemite Valley: Living in Australia has introduced me to a whole new love for walking and hiking trails, and Ruth’s lovely post about the Yosemite Valley makes me want to hike all the way there pronto!

Starting the #BlogAlong link up has been one of the best ideas ever. Sitting in the comfort of my cushy couch and my paisley PJs (okay, I don’t have paisley pyjamas but I can’t ever resist an alliteration!), I get to visit Barcelona, Chile, Atlanta, grandma’s kitchen, and all in a days worth of reading.

I love my blogger life!


This post is a part of the 3Girls and a #BlogAlong hosted by Upasna from Life on My Plate, Pooja from A Bit of This and a Lot of That, and yours truly. As we’re celebrating our birthday, it’s Open House this month… and it gets better… the link up is open alllllllllll month-long! Yes you heard it right.. 31 days 😀 So do not think twice and link up! 

To #BlogAlong with us, here’s what you have to do…

  • Write and publish a new post on the monthly topic, or share an old post you might have written around the theme.
  • All posts are welcome!
  • Add the #BlogAlong badge to your post (grab the badge codes from the sidebar on each of our blogs) & link back to at least one of the hosts. This helps to promote everyone’s hard work.
  • Follow your hosts!
  • Join the party by clicking on the inlinkz button below, and adding your post to the blogroll.
  • Comment on each other’s posts and spread the love. Promote your own and fellow bloggers’ posts on Social Media using the hashtag #BlogAlong.

It is our birthday month and in the festive spirit, the link up is open alllllll month long! Happy linking! 

1 thought on “The Blog-aversary Special”

  1. Hi Shruti, I just found your post! Thanks a lot for featuring my post about the Chilean food! :)
    One year of Blog Along.. time goes fast!
    Happy birthday to the Blog Along, happy travels and happy blogging!


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