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Everyone in India has been raving about Farzi cafe, and this year when I visited India for my annual vacation it was on my must-visit-and-be-gluttonous list. Weeks went by and we got so busy with family functions, friends, etc etc that the Farzi dream seemed to be slipping away. And then the younger brother came-a visiting along with his adorable girlfriend. No more reason was needed. Husband, me, brother and girlfriend made our way there on a wonderful Saturday afternoon and sat down to eat.

And eat we did. With our eyes, hands, and minds.

The food at Farzi cafe is a delight, for the tastebuds and for other senses too. The presentation delights your sight, the wonderful fragrances emanating from the appetisers and mains gets your salivary glands all hyper-active, and the deliciousness of the actual food makes you speechless. I was on cloud nine throughout the meal. They start you off with these mishti-doi shots that are supposed to activate the taste buds, and in between the meal they serve you a wonderful apple-mintish sorbet which is a cleanser for your palate.




The young un’s had a beer (or more, but whose counting :) ), and the husband and I shared a cocktail, Vodka Curry Mango Chutney Foam. The foam tasted of tangy aam-panna and was so tantalisingly brilliant, you experienced the full flavour of the drink when you sipped the vodka through the foam.



We started with Amritsari Fish and Chips with desi ghee hollandaise (yeah, desi ghee, ’nuff said), Goats Cheese Stuffed Tangri Kebab, and Keema Kulcha. The kiddos swore by the hollandaise, and I loved the goats cheese coating on the kebabs. So creamy! The chicken kebab was juicy, and char-grilled to perfection. The keema kulcha was rich, and so spicy but we kept going back for more.img_5411

The only issue for me was that all dishes came in portions of 3; don’t get me wrong they were big pieces yes, but in a table of 4 people, it was bit weird. We were sweet and accommodating to the little sibling and girlfriend and easily shared one portion, but with friends it will be WAR! hehe


The starters had filled us up completely but we don’t give up that easy. So we rested our stomachs a bit and ordered the main course. I agonised over all the choices and oh, it WAS agonising. There were so many options but I could only pick one. Sniff Sniff. Husband and brother zeroed in on the Galouti Burgers (slurp slurp) and the other foodie girl on the table decided on the Butter Chicken Bun. And then there was me; who just could not make up her mind. Did I want the Pumpkin Coconut Khao Suey, the Chorizo pulao, the Rice and Noodle biryani? Why do I have one stomach and a slow metabolism?? I finally decided on the Paneer tikka with the San Marzano makhani gravy and the boys eyes could have jumped out of their sockets; You are ordering vegetarian?? Like hell I am. Do not make me regret this.


The food arrived promptly and no regrets all. The makhani gravy was creamy, and tart and sweet at the same time, and the chunky paneer tikkas made my day. The butter chicken was super flavorful and a messy delight to eat. But the winner my friends, definitely the Galouti burger. The meat was cooked to perfection and I am still salivating thinking about it. Word of warning though: Said dish can easily be shared by two people if you not hungry. Goes for all mains actually.





Told you we don’t give up that easy. We were dying of gluttony but were not going to go away without sampling the sweets. This was easy to choose; we all decided to share a portion of the Parle G Cheesecake between all of us. When we placed the order, the waiter sheepishly informed us that there would only be 3 pieces on the plate, and I sheepishly replied back that I did not mind at all. The dessert was served and was just so scrumptious. Do I have to tell you, in detail, how creamy and sweet this was? I think by now you get it.


All in All

I cannot wait for my next trip to India to savour all the other delights on their menu. The thing that makes me so happy and proud, yes proud, is the fact that this is an Indian food restaurant and the flavours are very much Indian. But the presentation, and the concept is at par with global powerhouses of food, think Fat Duck, Nobu, and the like. The fact that they take a humble dish like the dal-chawal we eat daily and make arancini, they serve us vada pav burgers, mishti doi as the amuse-bouche; I am just beaming because Indian food makes me so happy. And Farzi cafe is doing everything right by Indian food.


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  1. Nice.
    Focus on food as it appears to be your passion. Eating and description. So vivid that it made me think of being actually present.

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