Happy Birthday Ma

Happy Birthday Ma! I hope that this day brings you everything you ever wanted and keeps you happy and loved and blessed, wherever you might be right now.


Found this treasure while going through old family albums in Shimla with Akanksha. I had so many questions to ask about this picture.. what were you thinking, who clicked it, what all did you do in Bombay, how was the camel ride, did you all have fun?? But will leave that for the day when I get a chance to do so, if that ever comes. For now, I will content myself on keeping you as close to me as I can. Can’t believe I had not put up a picture of you in my house, but when I found this one, I knew this is what I wanted to remember you as. Always. Happy, young, beautiful, and loving the feel of the water lapping at your feet.

So now every day when I look into the dresser mirror, where I have propped your picture up, I have you smiling back at me. We share good mornings, I tell you what plans I have for my day and you smile back, encouraging me to face whatever the day has in store for me with a smile as big as yours. We laugh together at my hair that doesn’t seem to calm down even after a thorough brushing, so unlike the gorgeous and sleek mane of yours. When I am caking myself up with blushes, and liners, and what-nots, you smile mischievously and I envy the simplicity of your times, and your simple kaajal, red bindi, and red lip that I fanned over as your baby girl. Sometimes I even catch a glimpse of your smile in my smile, and we share a moment.

At night, you smile approvingly at me when I slather on hand cream because that was your beauty mantra for well-maintained hands. And then you lovingly wish me goodnight when I am just about ready to get into bed. And I smile back, because I know that when I wake up, in the morning we shall smile together again.

Love you Ma…


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