Picking Up The Pieces

Pick up the pieces, and put them back together.

And all will be right, they say.

What pieces are these, if not my own broken heart

Shattered into a million fragments.

How do you pick up these pieces

When they are lost forever?

Because you took a piece of my heart,

With your last breath.


What pieces are these, if not my soul

Crushed into two.

One half earthbound,

and the other wanting to be with you forever

In the aftermore.


What pieces are these, of what puzzle

A puzzle that we were putting together carefully

from the corners,

building it in slowly

piece by piece,

Only to reach the heart of it, and realise

You aren’t here to help me complete it now,

You took the pieces with you,

and now the puzzle is not what it was before.

It’s a maze,

And I am lost.

Trying to find my way out.


Pick up the pieces, they say.

Can you show me how?

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