3Girls and a #BlogAlong



A monthly blog link-up party hosted by the 3Girls:

  1. Upasna at Life On My Plate,
  2. Pooja at A Bit Of This And A Lot Of That, and
  3. Shruti, at Msz Knowitall

We talk about everything under the sun, and especially things that float our boat. Food, travel, stories, alcohol, habits, lists, and on and on. And we want to have a party with you all too.


Every first Sunday of the month, we open our link-up and share our posts on the topic of the month. The link remains open till the second Sunday of the month.

May 2015: It’s a party and everyone’s invited

June 2015: What are your Travel Must-Packs?

July 2015: 5 Comfort Foods

August 2015: Things That Defined Your Growing Up Years

September 2015: Open House Month

October 2015: Photo Essays

November 2015: Open House



  1. You can follow our blogs so that you are always updated as and when the link-up opens, and we share the topic
  2. Once you have written your post, make sure you have a link back to our blogs, and our super cool badge that Pooja designed :)
  3. To add the badge, we have added the html code for you right down here. Just copy it, paste it in your blog post window (in text format and not visual), and voila, it’s done.
  4. Once all this is done, click on the Add Your Link here button and in 3 steps, your post shall be added.
  5. Make sure you read up on the other posts that get added to the link-up and share some love (comments, likes etc)

Grab the code here

<img src=”https://mszknowitall.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/blogalong1.jpg&#8221; alt=”3Girls and a #BlogAlong” class=”GeneratedImage”>


Yours is not to question why. Yours is to do, and ….sigh

Excuse the poetry and pun, but do we really need to say why? It’s a party every month, come one, come all.


In case you have any more questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below, and will be happy to get back to you on the same as soon as we can.


Thanks for reading



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