The Knowitall

Someone once said, “To love food is to love life”

Who said it – I did. Someone is ME!

upload 7

Yeah, I am one of those. In fact most of the times, I am the only one who enjoys her jokes, up-roaringly so. And now that I am married, I make sure the husband tells me how brilliant they are too. See, there is always a silver lining in having a plus one.

And I am one of those who rambles a lot too.

There isn’t one idea you can pin me down to. I love books, dogs, travel, sleep, pretty things, and my freedom. But in today’s world, don’t we all? :)

This blog is going through quite a few ups and downs as I discover what I want to do with it every day. But am hoping you stick around for the most part of it.

And I promise to make this a fun ride for those of you who come around.


P.S: The inspiration for my blog’s name, well, eons ago, read a book that I loved, and the name stuck with me. I love being called one, and know there is a long way to go before I truly am one.

If your interest is piqued about the book, The Knowitall, I did a blog post about it AGES back. Here’s the link and here’s a link about the book


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