Aampanna Milkshake….The Mmmmilkshake

You know those weekend mornings when you wake up, make your way to the kitchen, open the fridge and think to yourself.. what on earth do I make for breakfast because all I actually want to do is get back into bed?? Okay, not one, but mostly most of my weekend mornings are like that. But it’s such a tough choice for me. because I love my sleep, but ermm, I love my food too. Zzzz.. chomp chomp, it’s a tough call, but to each in its own time,… ha ha, get it?

Ok, I know you don’t. But I amuse myself.

Anyhoo, coming back to weekends and mornings and quick fixes for ravenous souls; the fun part of being in the Southern Hemisphere right about now is that its MANGO SEASON AKA Mango Shake Time.. shake shake… shaking her head and self while typing this out


Oh, Mango shake how I love thee… It’s a summer weekend tradition (yes, we are that serious and sentimental about the weekend breaky time that we label things a tradition.. or maybe it’s just me).. and last weekend, I spiced it up by serving a chilled glass of Aampanna Milkshake as I call it.. and all you need are 3 ingredients.

Mango, Milk, and Mint…MMMMilkshake.. now do you get this? come ON



Everyone has their own version of how they like mango shakes; pulpy, non pulpy, thick, thin, less sugar, high on sugar.. Growing up, I remember the little brother liked to have the super liquid-y and extra sugary version, while I liked the pulpier version. Oh, the fights that ensued when only one version was made. But neither of us ever let go of the glass of milkshake, thick or thin.


Anyhow, I still like my mango shake thick, chilled, and the sweetness contributed only from the mango. No added sugar for me in my mango milk shake. So while making the weekend-y mango shake for Arjun Singh and myself, as I drowsily took out the mango and milk from the fridge, I saw my cute little mint plant waving at me from its pot. (or maybe the it was the sleep, but I swear it called out to me). Some people invent medicines, I just mix ingredients.


So I plucked the fresh mint and while whipping up the mango and milk, blended it in, and voila, milk aampanna. And yes, it tasted wonderful.


1 ripe mango

400 ml milk, preferably cold

4-5 mint leaves


Blend all ingredients. Serve chilled.

Slurp Slurp.


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Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake

Spring is sprung in Melbourne. And I couldn’t be more excited. It’s the season of fresh flowers, bright and sunny days, and cold cold milkshakes. Woo the hooooo!

And with winter on its way out, binge season is officially getting over and the love, no make that ladoo handles are showing. So guess whose new favourite weeknight and weekend morning activity is ‘Going to the Gym’…. I don’t love it but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to wear those sundresses, come summer.

So whipped up a yummy drink as a pre-workout treat and which can also multitask as a late morning breakfast if you like me wake up at 11, and want to have something before lunch. Coz the stomach is a-rumbling and you don’t want to be a -cooking. Haha.

Remember my Peanut Butter and Nutella Milkshake? Well, this is the healthy version of that, replacing the Nutella with a banana. And voila, a healthy treat is served. In a tasty serving for 2.



2 cups milk (low fat, skimmed, full-cream.. your call)

1 tbsp peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)

1 ripe banana

Pinch of cinnamon


Put all ingredients in a blender.



Wipe that milky moustache off your lips.

Enjoy :)

Introducing 3Girls and a #BlogAlong + Dan Murhpys + The 1 year Blog-aversary

You know the feeling of time flying, well, that’s what I think I am a little guilty of. It’s been a year since I started sharing bits and pieces of my life with you all and I can’t believe how much fun it has been. So much fun that WordPress had to actually remind me ‘Hey Missie, it’s your one year anniversary with us, good job!‘ Yayie..

And what an opportune time it comes at because apart from all the fun stuff I keep wanting to do with the blog and hopefully I am doing, I am adding a new chapter to the Blogroll. A super-fun blog link up  party with my friends,  which has been in the plans for a while and is finally starting this month.

Introducing 3Girls and a #BlogAlong

Pooja from A Bit of This and a Lot of That, Upasna from Life On My Plate, and I make up the 3Girls and are the co-hosts of the #BlogAlong party and we couldn’t be more excited. insert twist and shake emoji


The #BlogAlong will be a monthly feature where we will be posting on the first Sunday of every month, on a common theme for that month, and inviting you all to share your stories too. The link up remains open from the first Sunday to the next Sunday. As this is the first post of our #Blogalong, we just wanted to celebrate the first month with a fun party. We want to know you party stories, party secrets, party recipes, party crazies. The theme this month is, simply put,  A Party. Tab’s on us. haha!

It’s A Party and everyone’s invited!

For this post, I thought I would take you on a trip with me to Dan Murphys: my one-stop shop for all things party liquor-ish. After all, what is a party without the all-important ingredient alcohol, madira, liquor, booze, you get the drift. Every month, Arjun Singh and I head over to the mecca of alcohol in Melbourne, AKA Dan Murphys, to stock up our bar supplies. We go with a set list for the month, and because the variety is so crazy, we end up a) picking up more than what we come for and b) planning our next months visit already. :D

The other thing about spirits; we love adding fun bottles to our collection. Our old Absolut bottles serve as water-bottles on our nightstands, empty wine bottles are used as water jugs around the house, and we have actually reused the Lucky Buddha beer bottles as flower vases.


So, here’s sharing My Wishlist at Dan Murphys. The bottles I need, I crave, I want, I desire. And of course the alcohol that comes along in them. That goes without saying ;)

1. Murrays Angry Man Pale Ale

Okay, not so much as the bottle but just the super fun logo. The kangaroo and the man boxing, and the word play in the brand tag line. Yeah, I am a fickle buyer. Get swept away by puns and boxing gloves on kangaroos. But this drink here could be a good way to get the pals into drinking game mode.

Angry Man Beer

2. Creative Butterscotch Schnapps

We are talking butterscotch people. How yumm-azing does that sound? Imagine pouring this into a hot chocolate, or freshly brewed latte, and the kick it will give to an iced coffee or iced chocolate.  insert drooling emoji

Butterscoch peach schnapps

3. Kah Skull Blanco/Reposado Tequila

How deliciously evil is that? Imagine serving tequila shots out of that sinister-ly gorgeous masterpiece. The party just went up 2 skull-sockets higher. (eek, bad attempt, I know)


 4. Grand Ridge Moonshine Dark Scotch Ale

Best sipped after dinner, this drink could just replace a post-dinner coffee or cigar. If you are the cigar sorts. Otherwise, when I hear Moonshine, for some reason I picture a barn, music from Footloose and lots of Dirty Dancing. see what I did there


 5. Kraken Rum

Unleash the Kraken. ‘Nuff said.

kraken rum

6. Mozart Chocolate Cream

A mixture of Belgian chocolate with bourbon vanilla, fresh cream, cocoa butter and cocoa solids, this, right here, is the chocolate liqueur my dreams are made of. I am just going to pour it over a scoop of chocolate ice cream and go crazy. And you are all invited to this choc-alicious party

choc liq

7. Hpnotiq

Hpnotiq is a liqueur with a distinctive blue color and tropical fruit flavor. It’s made from premium vodka and cognac and fruit juices. Should be like a bubblegum party in your mouth, eh. And the pretty bottle just helps win this case so much. There is even a purple bottle, Hpnotiq Harmonie, that isn’t available in Australia now. But it’s okay. I can wait.


Phew. I think that’s enough of a wishlist for one day. There’s always more trips to Dan Murphys to add to the wishes. And the stacks.

So which one of these are you adding to your party shopping list? :)


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Banana Bread Beer


Yeah, you read that right. That’s two of my favourite things right there… combined… in one bottle… dreams do come true, don’t they!


I love Dan Murphys. Every time the mister and I make our monthly bar stock-up trip to Dan Murphys, we get lost in the wines, the vodkas, the rum, and the beers. Oh, the beers. He stocks up on the standard man-beers, while I peruse the craft beers section. And on this one trip, I discovered Wells Banana Bread Beer. Snatched it up and got it home to chill.


The perfect Friday evening-got no gallivanting in the city plans-drink for me.

It’s got enough of the beer magic happening because the base is this wonderful ale, but the flavours are so different than a regular beer. It’s like Banoffee pie in a bottle. Serious. Banoffee pie. In a bottle.

Wish I could ship it to my friends back home.

Or let’s make some?


Peanut Butter and Nutella Milkshake

A peanut butter and nutella sandwich is in my top 10 breakfast options . It’s so yummy and oh-so-good for you. The good peanut butter fat, the hazelnuts in the spread, and smudge in some bananas and strawberries, and whoop-dee-doo. Fruit count for the day: check. (yeah, us foodies have all the reasons to eat all things good)

Just the combination of the nutella and peanut butter, sweeeet. I mean, Reese’s peanut butter cups are my absolute favourite chocolate. I love that salty sweet combination.

Anyhow, craving that taste and wanting to try that combination in something other than a sandwich or a pancake, I whipped up this milkshake. Super-easy and super-quick to make, you are going to love making this yummy milkshake, for yourself, and for all the PB and H fans in your family/friends. Trust me. Make it NOW :)




2 cups milk (low fat, skimmed, full-cream.. your call)

1 tbsp peanut butter (smooth or crunchy)

1 tbsp Nutella


Put all ingredients in a blender. Blend. Serve.

Enjoy :)

Spring Sangria

Spring is passing us by super quick and a hot HOT summer is around the corner.  The good thing about these seasons is that it’s the time to Disco.. NOT.. but to guzzle cold smoothies, chilled coffee shakes, and best of all, sparkling sangrias. Plus, I am one of those weirdos on the planet who is NOT a fan of red wine as is, but give me a glass of red wine sangria and I guzzle it by the gallon. I kid you not.

I love the color, the fizz, the fruit. I wanted a refreshing glass of sangria filled to the brim with berries, no apples or pears or crunch, and topped off with sparkling soda and ice. And I went and made me some.




Norms dictate I give out a recipe, and some ingredients with measurements and servings yada yada yada. But I say, it’s a sangria; don’t think too much. Just drink up.

A little bit of everything sweet, and a lot of wine makes a happy girl. And I am sure you agree. I am linking this post to the #bitofthisandlotofthat weekly challenge being hosted by my dear friend Pooja on her blog