Dancing Queen

Sunday morning.

Wake up. Walk groggily to the laundry room, put clothes on wash, rinse, repeat cycle. Get back into bed. An hour later, wake up to the sound of the washing machine politely letting you know it’s weekend duties are done and now the ball is back in your court, (or the laundry back in your basket, hehe).

Make the morning coffee, sip it while rolling up the blinds to let the morning sun in. Leave a cup for Arjun Singh while he catches up with the news. Take the clothes basket to the clothesline. Still groggy.

Uh-oh sun’s still not out. And I woke up an hour early to wash these clothes.

Friday night and the lights are low
Looking out for the place to go

na-uh, not me. The girls in the apartment next door and their radio. Can hear them laughing, singing along to the song.

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#BlogAlong: February 2016

With all of this ignoring the blog and admitting I have a mental block plus lazy ass there has been one silver lining: my reading has gone up tremendously.

I was on an Amitav Ghosh reading spree the last few weeks. Finished books 1 and 2 of the IBIS Trilogy and just last week I finished the Hungry Tide.

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#BlogAlong in 2016

The first post of the new year and how apt for it to be a part of my very own link up party with Pooja and Upasna, the monthly #BlogAlong.. Hoot hoot. 

The year has started off crazily hectic indeed;

The first weekend of the new year was spent diving in the Great Barrier, the next 2 weekends thereafter went in house hunting (sob sob story of being unexpectedly asked to vacate currently rented apartment), and then this last weekend went by in a mad rush of packing, cleaning, moving and unpacking into the new place (it’s just gorgeous and my head is exploding with the number of decor and DIY ideas I want to implement!)

Time does fly!

The theme this month was to plan the year ahead, as is the theme for every January, year on year, for each and every one of us. We plan, pursue, persevere, procrastinate, and then politely (or maybe sheepishly) forget it all! 

What is it with resolutions eh… Brings out the utmost dedication in us and then also brings about our inevitable descent back into our set ways..

My resolution this year, like every year was to send greeting cards to all near and dear ones for birthdays, anniversaries, and what nots. Have I sent a single one yet? Nope. Heyyy, scroll back up to know why. But then again excuses excuses excuses. 

I think I should just resolve to let this year be and bring what it may for me. Life has pretty much been kind to me, year after year (with a few glaring exceptions) but resolutions or no resolutions, every year turns out great indeed. And I end up being a whole new and sometimes improved version of myself. 

So there you go, my resolution for 2016, I officially declare that I am going to let the winds of change or the tides of tomorrow take me wherever I am meant to be. And smile more. And worry less. 
PS: 2016 is also the year I turn 30. Any other day I would be panicking and making my things before I turn 30 list. But today is the first day of the chill-pill me. So not yet. 

Tomorrow? Who knows! 
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Pole dancers and Robo cops

I joined a gym. In fact, Arjun Singh and I both joined a gym together. Kind of a first for him, and a first for us together. I am not one of those gym freaks, not even close. But with the right company, and the right incentive I can be a gym regular. Right company:him; right incentive: eat whatever I want to without guilting myself into denial.

For him, it was a first since he has never joined a gym. He is more of a run in the park, play football kind of a guy but I needed company and he was IT. He always is :)

So onward to the gym, ahoy matey!

The only class I am truly super excited about are the Zumba classes. All that dancing, the grooving, the funky songs, the Latino beats and moves… Aaooooo….

But tell me what is it about sexy dance moves in the confines of closed doors, or maybe it is the guise of exercise that brings out the inner pole dancer in all women, and makes us all feel like Dita Von Teese but the men, my oh my.. It’s like they are auditioning for Robocop 2015….

It’s kind of cute actually. Watching them try and do the shimmy, the Cha-Cha.. But the funniest are those who actually stop dancing right at that instant. They will do the full dance routine and right before the shimmy.. Full stop.. And then carry on with the rest of the routine.  Dance, pause, dance, pause, dance…

To these men, I think you are awesome for coming to Zumba sessions. Kudos. But go on; do that shimmy, jiggle that hip, no one is going to make fun. Do you not see me dancing uncoordinatedly to the hip hop routine, trying to be super cool. But failing or just flailing. Ha ha!


My favorite month of the year just got over and in all the excitement of my birthday, my hectic work days,car-hunting weekends etc etc I realised, it’s literally the last day and last hour of this month and I had to put up my Fabilicious August post.


So without any of the flowery drama and nonsensical caboodle, presenting August’s Fabilicious Food star; The BURGER!

August Burgerama
August Burgerama


In my foodie book, a burger is just the most complete meal ever. (I said complete, not balanced, shhh). I mean, whenever I am confused as to what to order when eating out, the safest thing to fall back onto is a burger. And when that burger comes served with guilt-as-hell fries, or crunchy coleslaw, my day is made!

So to end off this month on a gluttonous, yet joyous note (coz come on, EVERYONE loves a good burger), leaving you with some of the most delectable-looking burger recipes I found online.

1. BBQ Turkey Burgers with Chipotle Slaw

It’s got the burger, the bbq sauce, and the slaw. What more could I want? Recipe by Danae at http://www.reciperunner.com

Image taken from http://www.reciperunner.com


2. Beetroot Burger with Crispy Kale

Aren’t beetroots just so divine… the taste, the color, the nutrition.I am all for more beetroots in my diet, and when it comes in the form of this amazing burger, say hallelujah!  For all you beetroot lovers, here’s an amazing beetroot burger recipe which comes served with an awesome tahini paste, and crunchy kale chips. All say thank you to Isadora at http://www.shelikesfood.com

Image taken from www.shelikesfood.com
Image taken from http://www.shelikesfood.com

3. Chicken Burgers and Yogurt Pesto Sauce

Aah, the classic chicken burger. Jovita at http://www.myyummyaddiction.com has this super easy grilled chicken burger recipe and her picture of the meal is so fresh and inviting, I just had to share it with you all.  Lettuce, tomato, cheese and the chicken: aah, classic burger heaven!

Image taken from www.yummyaddiction.com
Image taken from http://www.yummyaddiction.com


 4. Chicken Teriyaki Burger

Kudos to the blog, http://www.portandfin.com, I am actually tempted to try grilled pineapple with my chicken burger. Hmmmm.

Image taken from www.portandfin.com
Image taken from http://www.portandfin.com

  5. Herb and Cheese Burger

How delicious does that sound; herbs and cheese. Its the middle of the night and I am so hungry. This burger recipe has the cheese stuffed into the pattie. My God, my God! Head on over to http://www.catzinthekitchen.com for the details.

Image taken from www.catzinthekitchen.com
Image taken from http://www.catzinthekitchen.com


6. Chipotle Burger with Corn Fritters

I have definitely saved the best for the last. Just look at this burger beauty.How scrumptious is this! Its got the yummazing patty, some lovely flavors and best of all, it comes with this amazing recipe for corn fritters. You have got to make these today. I know I am. Thank you Tieghan at http://www.halfbakedharvest.com

Image taken from www.halfbakedharvest.com
Image taken from http://www.halfbakedharvest.com

So, which one of these beauties is gracing your kitchen today?