Banana Bread Beer


Yeah, you read that right. That’s two of my favourite things right there… combined… in one bottle… dreams do come true, don’t they!


I love Dan Murphys. Every time the mister and I make our monthly bar stock-up trip to Dan Murphys, we get lost in the wines, the vodkas, the rum, and the beers. Oh, the beers. He stocks up on the standard man-beers, while I peruse the craft beers section. And on this one trip, I discovered Wells Banana Bread Beer. Snatched it up and got it home to chill.


The perfect Friday evening-got no gallivanting in the city plans-drink for me.

It’s got enough of the beer magic happening because the base is this wonderful ale, but the flavours are so different than a regular beer. It’s like Banoffee pie in a bottle. Serious. Banoffee pie. In a bottle.

Wish I could ship it to my friends back home.

Or let’s make some?