Magnum Popup Store : Melbourne

The destination was clear. The last mile was near. The journey, oh dear dear.

What am I going on about? Not anything remotely heroic I am afraid, but more glutton-oic! There was a Magnum pop-up store in town, and it was going to shut the doors (or pull down the shutters) on its yummy offering, come August 10th 2014, and I still hadn’t tried and tasted. *Shudders* No, that won’t do. So come last Friday evening, you would have found me (and the husband) among the many hopefuls standing in the mile-long line at the Magnum Pleasure pop-up store.

The funny thing is that every time we visited Emporio and seen the crazy-ass long line of Magnum hopefuls, we had always scoffed and proclaimed to ourselves, you will never find me standing in line for that… well, never say never. We absolutely stood in the line, and for close to 80 minutes (YES!!) to devour this….

Mine : Dark on Dark with pistachios, blackberry chips, coconut flakes and vanilla crumble

and this…

His: Milk on Dark with ginger crumble, oreo chunks, pistachios and honeycomb pieces

For those of you who know, and for the benefit of those who don’t, Magnum is a super-yummy ice-cream similar to Choco-bar, or Feast (remember those?). How the Magnum pop-up store builds on the ice-cream-on-a-stick concept is that it lets you construct your Magnum from scratch, and completely bling it up with toppings galore to choose from. I am talking almonds, pistachios, cashews, vanilla crumble, cookie chunks, mocha chips, blackberry chips (my new food discovery, so yummy), honeycomb pieces, coffee beans, crackling candy, and even rose petals. The Melbourne store didn’t have any crackling candy which was a tad disappointing but it was on offer in Sydney and Singapore.

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So how do you go about it, simple:

Step 1: Select your base, vanilla or chocolate

Step 2: Select your coating: Milk, White, or Dark Chocolate

Step 3: Select 4 toppings

Step 4: Select the drizzle: Milk, White, or Dark Chocolate

Step 5: Devour!

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It was so sinful.  I had told the husband that let’s split one, but his man-logic was like, If I wait in line for an hour or so, I am pretty well going to have one all by myself.  Fair enough. We did have one each, but mid-way, it got too much. But did we give up? hell, NO

El finito was fantastico.

What a Magnum Opus it was for us; one-time pop-up pleasure.