Chicken Kiev and All That Butter….

I must have been 9 or 10 years old when I first had a bite of Chicken Kiev and fell in love. It was an experience I never forgot and I never thought I would taste it again for a long long time, well until I reached Russia this year. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go to the beginning first.

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The Blog-aversary Special

May in blog-sphere is always a time to celebrate for me. Last year I began a new monthly link-up blog party with my fellow blogger buddies Pooja, and Upasna, and we have now completed a full year woohooo. And if you remember from last years first #BlogAlong post, May was also the month when I completed a year since my first blog post; so a double whammy!

So May 2016 rings in 2 years of blogging solo, and one year of #BlogAlong. So Happy Blog-aversary to me, Happy Blog-aversary to me, Happy Blog-aversary to meeeee!!

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Dancing Queen

Sunday morning.

Wake up. Walk groggily to the laundry room, put clothes on wash, rinse, repeat cycle. Get back into bed. An hour later, wake up to the sound of the washing machine politely letting you know it’s weekend duties are done and now the ball is back in your court, (or the laundry back in your basket, hehe).

Make the morning coffee, sip it while rolling up the blinds to let the morning sun in. Leave a cup for Arjun Singh while he catches up with the news. Take the clothes basket to the clothesline. Still groggy.

Uh-oh sun’s still not out. And I woke up an hour early to wash these clothes.

Friday night and the lights are low
Looking out for the place to go

na-uh, not me. The girls in the apartment next door and their radio. Can hear them laughing, singing along to the song.

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#BlogAlong: February 2016

With all of this ignoring the blog and admitting I have a mental block plus lazy ass there has been one silver lining: my reading has gone up tremendously.

I was on an Amitav Ghosh reading spree the last few weeks. Finished books 1 and 2 of the IBIS Trilogy and just last week I finished the Hungry Tide.

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#BlogAlong + Seal Pups of Kaikoura, New Zealand

Welcome to the September edition of the #BlogAlong party that Pooja, Upasna and I get going, month on month. Previously we shared our blog-stories about the food we loved, the travel must-packs and our growing up memories. However this month we want to invite you all to share your stories. In the month of September, the #BlogAlong link up is an OPEN HOUSE. Any and all bloggers can join in and link up their food stories, travel stories, me stories, you stories…..and so on. I have made some great, new friends through this link up and want to make and meet more awesome bloggers out there.

Keeping with the theme that there is no theme, I am going to share a travel story. I visited South Island in New Zealand, in the month of May this year and before leaving had prepared a long list of things I wanted to experience. Remember this post from the airport? The stories from NZ are long overdue on the blog and I am finally starting to pen them down. Yay.

Well, I am happy to tell you that I managed to tick off almost everything off that list. And I started my trip with the thing that I was MOST excited about: SEAL PUPS. in the WILD.

When we were planning for the trip and making a list of things that had to be done, everyone put in their 2 cents: Milford Sound, Lake Wanaka, Queenstown, Glenorchy, etc etc and then I jumped in with Kaikoura. Kaikoura what? Why? Because you get to see seal pups in the wild there, frolicking around in waterfalls. This HAD to be done.

Kaikoura is a 2.5 hrs drive from Christchurch, but if you are a traveller like us, who stops every few minutes to marvel at the sights, click dozens of pictures, take a few loo breaks (it was winters, people), then you have to allow yourself the luxury of 3-4 hours for sure. But the drive is totally worth it. In fact, it is worth it in the entire country of NZ, but this was our first day on the roads there and we just couldn’t stop WOW-ing at everything we saw around us. The clear blue skies, the sparkling aquamarine waters, the striking greenery, it was all spectacular.

Also, on the drive from to Kaikoura, do also allow yourself some time for a relaxed and elegant lunch break at the Waipara Hills vineyard. It was a chance discovery for us, but would highly recommend it for the crisp whites, and the crisper, fresher seafood treats they prepare. Slurrp.




Coming back to the subjects of my post, the seal puppies. To see these seal pups in the wild, you have to go slightly further ahead of the town of Kaikoura, to the Ohau Stream Waterfall, about a half an hour of a drive. It’s like a giant creche, for seal pups. The seal mothers give birth in the month of April, and from April till November, these pups stay in this general area; staying mostly in the Ohau stream, and swimming over to the other side where the stream joins the ocean, to meet their moms once in 15-20 days. Sounds harsh? Don’t be sad. It’s okay. it’s all part of their safety and growing up lessons. It’s because the moms go out hunting and foraging for food for themselves and their pups, and the stronger currents, plus the increased predatory nature of the ocean is not right for the pups just yet.

So they make the Ohau stream their home for the next few months, building on their social, swimming, foraging, and predatorial skills, with other young pups. Like I said, a wildlife creche where pups rule and play. Which is also a major tourist spot because who doesn’t enjoy watching animals untroubled in their natural habitat.

I was warned that seals aren’t the cutest things ever, but come on how uncute could they be, especially little pups. And as we approached the waterfall, I heard pup barks and squeals and saw this bundle



The fact that I had just seen a giant-ass seal try to kill huskies in a movie last night was the only reason I stopped myself from leaping into the water to pick these pups up for a cuddle. Hey, I don’t want to mess with their mama, OR the fact they could bite me too!

But seriously, how cute are they? And those eyes. They were like floating sausages in water, with big button eyes.

There were a couple of pups playing at the entrance to the walkway and some of the tourists returning from the waterfall told us that there were many more right at the waterfall itself, so we should definitely keep going. And we did. As you walk towards the waterfall, the trees get taller, and it gets darker and much more shaded than the approach outside. As a result, what you see is what you might not be able to capture.

So we saw a group of 40 odd seal pups playing and jumping in and out of the stream at the waterfall and you would think that the humans would be loud and obtrusive, but na-uh. These seal pups were loud, wild, and as curious about us as we were about them. There were 2 pups, on the other side of the stream, and they hopped and swam across all the way to where we were to gaze at us, with their wide eyes, and then pose for some pictures.


seals 5





So they posed and we clicked. And they loved it. Hopefully. The social skills index went skyrocketing, Imma guessing.

Happy with what we had seen, we decided to head back but not before capturing some breathtaking shots of the beautiful Kaikoura sunset. That sky just kept getting spectacular with each day we spent there.


Things to Make Note Of

  1. Factor in an extra 1-2 hours of time to your travel time to Ohau, simply because the drive is stunning and most of the road network in NZ is single lane. Account for that extra hour.
  2. Seals are spotted all over the NZ countryside, closer to coastal areas and villages. They are to Kiwis what the roos are to the Aussies. While the North Island will have its share of seal pup sights, Ohau is the most popular in the South Island.
  3. Refrain from petting or touching the pups. Remember these are wild animals and also the fact that you don’t want to scare them away from how comfortable they feel around you
  4. On the other side of the stream is the beach at the banks of the ocean, where you will see the bigger, grown up seals resting and sunning themselves on the rock. That’s a sight worth seeing too, but from a suitable distance please
  5. Fellow blogger Laia visited the seals too and she wrote a wonderful post about it here. Please do read if you want more information about Kaikoura and around. I was plainly obsessed with the animals only, as you can see.
  6. Also, Liz from Young Adventuress had a brilliant post on the seals which kind of led me to discover them too. So thanks a ton Liz! Read her post here

Hope you get to visit the seal pups too. And if you, please do let me know how was your experience. NZ is a delight, for all things beautiful; sights, sounds, animal, and I couldn’t get my fill even though I spent a luxurious-but-not-enough 7 days there. Will keep sharing the NZ stories as I have finally started. phew

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Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

“Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognizes the unique voices of women bloggers around the world.”



My first blogger award! yayiie! And boy, it feels good. So good!

I used to keep seeing others around me get the Liebsters, the Sunshine awards etc and I knew I was missing out on all that fun. Primarily because if I am being honest, I wasn’t very regular in my blog posts (I still am not, but I am trying to improve haha). And also, because I wasn’t making much of an effort to know more about other wonderful bloggers out there who are travelling the world, sharing their stories, sharing family recipes, forming new friendships. But the moment you take that extra step, they welcome you right in. And that’s what is incredible about this community and these forums.

These wonderful bloggers and their stories make me realise that I am not alone in a far away land, away from best friends and family. Thanks to this sisterhood we are all a part of. And I won’t have it any other way.

And an even bigger thanks to Lyn for welcoming me right in by sharing the Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award with me. I heart you Lyn.. and your super blog. It’s such a fun read, eevry single post of yours…You’ re my Oz neighbour too :D

After looking into the rules I must acknowledge the blogger that nominated me, answer her 10 questions, nominate 10 worthy bloggers and ask them 10 questions. I accept the conditions, so read on.

  • What is the most memorable food you have had while travelling?

Food is always such a highlight for me in my trips. I don’t think I have bad memories of food at all. But one of the most memorable food memories for me was this incredibly soft, and fresh blueberry scone I had in Lake District, when my friends and I were on our way to Edinburgh. I wasn’t particularly hungry but these guys wanted to have breakfast. We stopped at this lakeside cafe, and ordered food. I ordered the cafes famous homemade scone with freshly whipped cream, not expecting what I got.


I took a bite and I was in heaven. It was soft, just the right amount of sweet, and that combination of fresh cream and juicy blueberries. When I did the trip with Arjun Singh, a year later, I actually took him back to this cafe just so he could partake in my food-orgasmic memory too. ;)

  • If for some reason you couldn’t return home and could no longer travel, where would you settle?

Italy, methinks. They love food, I love food. The weather is Mediterranean. I think I would settle down very comfortably in Italy. Under the Tuscan sun, perhaps? :)

  • Where is the one place on your bucket list that everyone asks why you want to go there?

This is tough because I don’t have a travel bucket list yet, but the one place I probably am questioned about is Valley of Flowers, in India. It’s supposed to be a treacherous trek, at the end of which you are rewarded by beautiful panaromic views of alpine vegetation and flowers. I am not highly athletic and just the fact that I want to do this trek and trip so bad makes people wonder why do I want to do that.

  • Have you met anyone famous while travelling?

Oh YES. This has to be one of my epic memories while travelling. Infact, Pooja and I were in Hyde Park in London sigh, and I was on the phone with Arjun Singh, when this super pretty girl ran past me, and I said to him, I think Katrina Kaif just ran past me. He did not believe me, but I turned around and there she was playing cricket with a bunch of her chums. And then a few minutes later, Shah Rukh Khan turned up. Pooja and I went crazy and literally staked out there for the next hour, after which their bodyguards had promised us that they would pose for pictures once play time was over. We nerded out completely but it was so worth it.

shah rukh



  • What is the most risky thing you have done while travelling?

Hehe. Tons. But the one that I will share with you all is this story. I was working in the UK and had a work permit. And  I really wanted to visit Ireland on the Easter break weekend. With my work permit I could travel anywhere in the Uk and Northern Ireland, but not Ireland, for which I needed a tourist visa. However, it was a week to go and I hadn’t gotten the tourist visa. But then someone told me that that they had taken the ferry from Liverpool to Dublin, on their way to Belfast. So you could spend a day in Ireland in transit on your work visa but would have to travel onwards the same day.

Well, I took that to the next level. I took the ferry, yes. Reached Dublin in the wee hours of the morning. Passport was checked yes. No one said anything. In fact the officials at the ferry station saw my visa and asked me if I was a student. hehe. I told them I was on my way to Belfast from here. And they believed me. And then I stayed 3 nights in Dublin!. The first day I was petrified that someone would know I am not supposed to be here and ask me to leave. But the Irish wouldn’t do that, nahhh, they are too nice. They know when someone is there for a genuinely good reason.

I wanted my Guinness and I got me some. And no one was caught or deported. Phew.

  • Where do you want to travel to the most?

Himachal Pradesh, my hometown. It’s a dream for me to do a backpacking trip across my home state in India, meeting the people there. Visiting their homes. Collecting recipes. Making jam from the fresh fruit. Spending a winter there. Spending a summer there. Maybe settling there? Who knows.

  • What is the best advice you can give a new blogger?

Write for yourself. Don’t write to increase the hit counter, or increase followers. Write about what you believe in, what you love, what delights you. And trust me, the appreciation follows. Because people know a good story when they read one.

  • What is your most read blog?

My own. haha. No, I am not kidding. I keep revisiting my blog posts because I am super critical about my own posts. and super narcissistic too.  But apart from that, definitely Life On My PlateA Bit Of This And a Lot of That, and Slightly Astray.

  • When you are not travelling and blogging you are… ?

Doing things that I would forego in a heartbeat for more travel and blogging. Just kidding. Maybe not. I have a full time job as a consultant and it pays the bills and the travel tickets so wouldn’t really want to forego that now. Or would we ;)

  • Is there anything you collect from your travels?

I collect tons of stuff. I am one of those shopaholic travelers for whom yes, the experience of visiting a new land is magnificient but then I want to remember it furthermore by buying things from there. When I was younger it used to be postcards. And now, I have added shot glasses as a must from my travels. There is a bunch of them with me here, a bunch lying back in India. I miss them all.


Now time for me to share this award with 10 increeible bloggers out there. My list is as follows,

  1. Pooja, A Bit Of This And a Lot of That
  2. Upasna, Life on my Plate
  3. Bharti, Suitcase of Stories
  4. Anna, Slightly Astray
  5. Laia, Colibrist
  6.  Mabel Kwong
  7. Andrea, Cooking With A Wallflower
  8. Nandini, Goanwiki
  9. Rachel Mankowitz
  10. Edlyn, Egeedee
  11. This one is not needed, but just right back at you, Lyn, thank you SO much :)

My questions for the ten amazing women I nominated for Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

  1. What is the most memorable food you’ve had while travelling?
  2. If for some reason you couldn’t return home and could no longer travel, where would you settle?
  3. What is the one surperpower you wish you had?
  4. Have you met anyone famous while travelling?
  5. Is there anything you collect from your travels?
  6. What is the best advice your Mom ever gave you?
  7. What is a recipe you wouldn’t part with.. ever?
  8. What is your greatest fear?
  9. What is the inspiration behind your blogs name?
  10. When you are not travelling and blogging you are… ?

Hats off to all the nominees. Each of you have been chosen because of the unique individualities in your blog style and photography that makes each of you wordsmiths and inspirational bloggers. The reason I keep visiting your blog is beacuse it’s honest and that reflects in every blog post.

I appreciate you are all busy and may choose not to accept the award, and that is ok. I just want to thank each of you for taking time away from your blog to assist with a like, a comment, a retweet, hosting or participating in a Link Up


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#BlogAlong + Things That Defined My Growing Up Years

drumroll Aaaaaaand it’s back… the monthly #BlogAlong link up. The 3Girls thought a lot about this months topic.. a lot! There were so many ideas in our head. We wanted to celebrate the fact that each of us is in a birthday mood, as Upasna’s went by last month, and Pooja’s is just around the corner, and mine will round it off closer to the end of the month. So we wanted to have a birthday flavour to the post. We oscillated between birthday parties, birthday cake (yumm), birthday memories, and from there we went on to places you celebrated your birthday. But try as we might, we just could not zero in on any one idea.

And then we decided to have a post around memories. We talked about comfort food last month, and it was such a greedy yet nostalgic ride through the memories of home, travel and leisure. So it kind of made sense to continue the nostalgia of our last months #BlogAlong by asking all of you lovely people to share some more memories with us. Hope you don’t mind :)

This month the theme is THINGS THAT DEFINED YOUR GROWING UP YEARS. The idea behind the theme is to share the poster moments in your mind-map of your growing up years. You can take this theme and go anywhere with it. Talk about the pop songs of your childhood, the movies that drove you crazy, the fashionistas you followed, the family moments, the vacations, the games we played, school times, college times. Whatever are the things that defined your growing up years, the things that you recall as the best times of the years gone by, let’s talk about them. It could be one, it could be many.

As I was getting down to write this post, I happened to see this video that asked 3 generations what they did for fun, when they were growing up. The answers that came from the youngest generation were sad but not unexpectedly so. The grandparents talked about blueberry picking, going fishing with friends, while the parents were in raptures talking about the forts they built in their backyards, or rounding up their friends and playing hours of catch, hide’n’seek and sports. But their kids talked about video games, texting, watching videos, using their tablets, and it conveyed an overall lack of curiosity about nature, and just experiencing the physical joy of being a child. I don’t want to sound boorish but I was quite dismayed about it.

Don’t know what the future holds for the kids of tomorrow, but I really want to keep holding on to my childhood memories that are a part of me. And bore my kids with them, when I have them (the kids, not the memories).

Read on for the Things That Defined My Growing Up Years:

1. The fauji trunk

Steel Trunk
Steel Trunk

I am a fauji kid. And a proud one at that.

My dad is an officer in the Indian army (army = fauj), and I am an army kid, and the most indelible part of my childhood years has to be this important piece of luggage. As is the custom with defence families, we had to travel to new locations, or postings as we called them, every 2-3 years, and these trunks carried all our precious belongings and the assorted paraphernalia. The most exciting part of a new posting would be when we started packing up the house (I am sure my mom would not agree). I would wait for the trunks with my collection of books to be opened, and then get lost in them for the next few days. My Grimms fairy tales, the Potter series, the classics….My brother and I would also attack the ‘toy trunk’ as we called it because it had such treasures that we hadn’t seen in ages (as per us, even though it was just a year or 2 since we had seen them last).

The other thing I remember about these trunks were that before every new posting, they would be repainted and my dad’s name and rank, along with details of previous posting and the new one would be painted on. Our very own steel boarding passes or travel diary. These trunks used to be all over the house and the balcony and the garage, and for me, when I look back to my growing up years, I always remember these trunks very fondly.

2. Chacha Chaudhary

Books are probably my first childhood love. My earliest memories in life are of reading. I would read everything and anything. The first classic I fell in love with, at the age of 7, was A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. And I will never forget the first signs of empathy that stirred in my heart when Sydney Carton sacrifices himself.

However, growing up, I was obsessed with Chacha Chaudhary comics.



As a kid, I had the biggest collection of Chacha Chaudhary comics, I kid you not. For those of you who don’t know these comics, Chacha Chaudhary was an Indian comic legend, created by Pran. Chacha means Uncle and Chaudhary was his surname (given name). Chacha was the smartest man on the planet, and his ‘mind worked faster than a computer’  and  along with his sidekick Sabu (the man from Jupiter), used to solve problems and hunt down the bad guys. Sabu was so much fun too; every time someone made Sabu super angry, he would lose his cool and somewhere on the planet of Juipter, a volcano would erupt. Hah, what FUN!

My mom actually told me that the reason I had such brilliant Hindi speaking and writing skills at that age was because I used to devour the Chacha comics. So there you go, some good DOES come out of reading comics.

3. The Harry Potter series

How can I talk about my growing up years and not talk about the Harry Potter series, my first initiation into the world of a series of fantasy fiction and alternative realities. Of course I had read Enid Blytons Wishing Chairs, and Faraway Trees,, and then there was Tolkiens LOTR but Potter was the iconic read for me, the one that got me hooked to the whole concept of reading series and trilogies. I will never forget the memory of the first time I read it, back in 2000. And till 2007, when the Deathly Hallows came out, it was a constant companion from teendom to early adulthood.

The midnight discussions of whether Harry would survive, is Snape evil or good (I was always in his corner), are Harrys parents alive, crying my eyes out when Sirius died ( I am welling up now too).. Potter is such an important part of my growing up. And I can’t wait to share the excitement with my kids, when the time comes.


4. The mandatory summer vacation trip to visit grandparents

As I told you before, my dad is in the Indian Army and we would be staying in far flung places all across the length and breadth of India. But come summer vacation time, and we would pack our bags and go visit the grandparents. One trip to Delhi to meet the maternal grandfolks, one trip to Shimla to meet my massi (mom’s sister) and cousins, one trip to Yamunanagar to meet the paternal grandfolks and my chachu (dad’s younger brother).

Summer days filled with reading, eating yummy food, listening to mom, my maasi and naani (maternal grandmom) gossip, getting pampered by the grandparents… aah, those were the days.

5. Madhuri Dixit

Main Madhuri Dixit banna chahti thi. There… it’s out now. For the unintiated, Madhuri Dixit is a Bollywood star and she was gorgeous. Brilliant smile, excellent dancer, and gorgeous, she was just perfect. Still is for me!


And for those of you who don’t know Hindi, I just admitted to the whole wide word that I wanted to be Madhuri Dixit. Like totally! But so did every other girl in middle class India back then. I used to dance in front of the mirror, on her songs and copy her expressions and dance moves. Ha-uh she was perfection to me. Still is. They don’t make them like this anymore.

6. Indi-pop

‘Made in India, made in India, ek dil chahiye that’s made in India’  Alisha Chinai was da bomb back then! The 90’s had some incredible pop music by Indian artists. Okay, maybe not incredible incredible, but that’s what I remember. Songs by Alisha Chinai, Biddu, Dj Aqeel, Bally Sagoo were what we danced to in our kiddie and teen birthday parties. The music used to be so funky, and on top of that the videos were so exciting. They would feature supermodels like Milind Soman,  Arjun Rampal, Jas Arora…. sigh all those dreamboats!

This is what I am talking about (Check out at 2:26 and 3:39)

I wasn’t into international music as a teen but give me a cassette (remember those?) filled with chartbusters like Boom Boom, Gud Nalon Ishq Mitha, O Sanam and I could dance on for hours. In fact I still can :)

7. My dogs

I miss having a dog around. A big part of my growing up years was the company of my dogs. I have always had a dog in the family, from age 5 when we got our first Pixie the dachshund, till age 27, when I lost my old cutie Caesar.  These Dachshunds and Dobermans of mine were family and I miss them so. Even my grandparents had dogs so these woofy brethren of defined a big part of my growing up years. I would talk to them, confide in them, clean up after then, and in their last days have taken care of them.

My brother has a Great Dane now, Mufasa, that even I stake a claim on, but for me the childhood years were about the family dogs. And sometimes it feels that with the passing away of my Caesar, the last of my memories of my childhood went by.


I miss having a dog around….

Phew, so my childhood was defined by pop songs, gorgeous actresses, even gorgeous supermodels, books, and dogs. And I work in IT. Haha.. If there was ever a mismatch.

Anyhow, hope you enjoyed my ramblings on The Things That Defined My Growing Up Years. Now I can’t wait to read yours. So add your post now to the monthly #BlogAlong and let’s have a party this month.

I am going to leave you with another Indi pop classic until then

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Scarecrows of Barossa

Scarecrows? Really? THAT’s what I choose to talk to you about from my trip to the Barossa? You know, the valley which is the Napa of Australia! Gazillions of vineyards all across town and I am posting about scarecrows.

Of course I am posting about scarecrows. Because they were colorful, creative, and all over the place, I just HAD to tell you about it too. See, everyone knows that Barossa is home to some yummazing wines. Jacobs Creek, Seppenfelts, & Penfolds come from this valley, people. And I am guessing the serious Masterchef Australia fans know that Barossa is also home to Maggie Beer and her lovely farm/cafe.

But you know the first thing I saw when I entered the town centre of Barossa?



As we drove past this, for a split second Arjun Singh and I thought that these were very colorful people, just sitting about and doing nothing. But hold on, those were not people dressed in overalls, and that was not a woman who had crashed into a tree. We stopped and went close for a look. This was definitely not a woman who had crashed into a tree.

Witch: Scarecrow Garden

Waitaminnnit, I screamed, these are PUPPETS. Arjun Singh is like, ermmm, can you not read, it says the Scarecrow Garden. Oh ya, it does. Okay, I screamed again, these are such COOL SCARECROWS.

There was Humpty Dumpty sitting on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty: Scarecrow Garden

This puppet (see, there were puppets too) was taking his scarecrow to the market, or farm maybe.

Farmer and Scarecrow: Scarecrow Garden

We drove on and in the next few miles, found another scarecrow, this time at the entrance to one of the wineyards


So of course the curious cat that I am, I checked Google, and was informed that this was the time of the year when the residents of the Barossa Valley celebrated their end of harvesting season with the Barossa Vintage Festival.  (See, lazy plan-da me, comes to know of something after I get there.. eeps) And as part of the celebrations, the residents come up with these scarecrow montages all across town to participate in the Barossa Scarecrow Trail. It’s a real thing, yep, with a prize worth AUD 1000 to the winner. And boy, do these guys get into with unbridled enthusiasm. Men and scarecrows, alike.

Hangover: Part Scarecrow anyone?

These scarecrows were all over. On the streets, at petrol stations, on telephone wires, in the back of a truck, outside of family-owned vineyards.

Drunk (I hope) Wedding Party
Medic Scarecrows
Fuel Station Attendant Scarecrow

We found a dedication to Red Riding Hood and 3 Little Piggies, with the big, bad wolf as their big bad villain, in the middle of a recently harvested vineyard. How creative is that!

10 11 12



Wasn’t that the cutest?

What say you tell me which ones you liked too? Would be fun to see what tickles your scarecrow-appreciation bone.

If you want to know more about the Barossa Scarecrow Trail, you can click here. Plus here’s another great post about these scarecrows, from Fiona.

We were lucky enough to get to see this when we visited because the festival happens once in 2 years, and the next one is now in April 2017. So, do plan accordingly.

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Pssst, and don’t you worry. I am going to be gushing about the Wines of Barossa soon enough. I HAVE TO.


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Pole dancers and Robo cops

I joined a gym. In fact, Arjun Singh and I both joined a gym together. Kind of a first for him, and a first for us together. I am not one of those gym freaks, not even close. But with the right company, and the right incentive I can be a gym regular. Right company:him; right incentive: eat whatever I want to without guilting myself into denial.

For him, it was a first since he has never joined a gym. He is more of a run in the park, play football kind of a guy but I needed company and he was IT. He always is :)

So onward to the gym, ahoy matey!

The only class I am truly super excited about are the Zumba classes. All that dancing, the grooving, the funky songs, the Latino beats and moves… Aaooooo….

But tell me what is it about sexy dance moves in the confines of closed doors, or maybe it is the guise of exercise that brings out the inner pole dancer in all women, and makes us all feel like Dita Von Teese but the men, my oh my.. It’s like they are auditioning for Robocop 2015….

It’s kind of cute actually. Watching them try and do the shimmy, the Cha-Cha.. But the funniest are those who actually stop dancing right at that instant. They will do the full dance routine and right before the shimmy.. Full stop.. And then carry on with the rest of the routine.  Dance, pause, dance, pause, dance…

To these men, I think you are awesome for coming to Zumba sessions. Kudos. But go on; do that shimmy, jiggle that hip, no one is going to make fun. Do you not see me dancing uncoordinatedly to the hip hop routine, trying to be super cool. But failing or just flailing. Ha ha!