what is it about dogs

What is it about dogs that they wait patiently for their morning walk while you snore, even though they haven’t been out for the last 12 hours or more

What is it about a dog that makes them guard you against any strange noise in the night, yet come Diwali they cower under the bed in fright
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she marches to her own beat

Just another day in Melbourne.

Get up, take the train, get to work, get lost in emails, meetings, presentations. LUNCH. Back to emails, meetings, papers. Done! Pack bags. Run. Catch the train. phew Made it just in time. Grab a seat to settle in for the train ride home, dump all my bags, smile at the red-headed, green-eyed, extremely fair schoolgirl sitting next to me.. wow what pretty hair.. no smile back.. aah well.. settle down with my book for the ride back home. 

‘The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass’ ‘de tadaak de tadaak nagada sang dhol baaje dhol baaje’.. wow, that’s some one listening to really loud Indian film music on their earphones, wonder how their eardrums are handling it, ‘leaving memories that become legend. Legend fa...’ ‘dhol baaje dhol baaje dhai dhai dhum dhum dhum!!’  Okay, who is that? I turn around, and its the red-headed school girl, looking sullenly outside the train windows, earphones plugged tightly into her eardrums. Whoa-ho ho.. Continue reading “she marches to her own beat”